Delivering a specific outcome aiming to improve the economic and social conditions of vulnerable groups of people specifically targeting pastoral communities in Ethiopia.


Implementing humanitarian projects often focus on poverty-stricken areas and areas that experience a natural disaster such as droughts, or manmade disasters such as conflicts in the pastoralist communities.


Prevent and reduce the harmful effects of all hazards, including disasters and save the lives of its target communities in Ethiopia.
House Hold Reached in Development Projects
House Hold Reached in Emergency Project
Livestock Reached in total

Development in figures

Emergency in figures


A Message To All

There are remarkable stories of transformation, resilience, and hope that have emerged through our efforts. Our initiatives empower individuals to realize their potentials, build better futures, and foster economic independence through many life changing inputs, skill-building programs, entrepreneurship opportunities, and sustainable projects.We are at the forefront of eliminating harmful practices, especially violence against women and supporting survivors with income-generating activities for self-reliance. Our mission to preserve natural resources, and protect the environment is bearing fruits. We work on advocacy, community empowerment, and peace-building initiatives that promote inclusivity and unity. Through all rounded capacity building and data-driven interventions, we strive for self-sufficiency and resilience. Let's create a brighter future together.

Our Vision

We envision a self-sufficient, sustainably developed and prosperous pastoralists communities.

Our Values

Committed to gender equality and equity. Flexibility and integrity. Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders and the community at large

Our Mission

PAPDA exists to contribute towards the provision of efficient, effective, and sustainable basic socio-economic services that enhance the living standard of the pastoralist’s communities.
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Case Studies

Some of our Projects

Bringing tangible change in the agro-pastoral community with a professional and strategic approach.

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