Project Title: – Integrated Multi-sectoral response to drought, conflict and cholera-affected Communities in Dawe Serer and Dawe Kachen woredas of East Bale zone Oromia Region, Ethiopia.

Location: Daweketchen and Daweserer woredas of East bale zone, Oromia region

Start Date: – August 1, 2023

End Date: – May 31, 2024

Goal: To Reduce morbidity, mortality, and suffering due to multiple shocks of 3,287 (1609 woman , 488 men and 1190 children) individuals of the most vulnerable people through the Provision of safe access with protection mainstreaming to enable most vulnerable people meet their basic needs by the end of 2023.

Objective: Ensure the safety and wellbeing of women, girls and marginalized groups by implementing protection/GBV interventions

Beneficiaries: 3,287 (1609 woman, 488 men and 1190 children)

Summary of the Project

The project aims to address the critical protection needs and strengthen the response to gender-based violence (GBV) in Dawe Kachen and Dawe Sarar woredas of the East Bale Zones, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. The project is designed based on multiple assessment reports highlighting the pressing challenges faced by the target communities. The project focuses on key components such as case management, the provision of mental health and psychosocial Services (MHPSS), community awareness sessions, capacity-building training, and assistance to persons with disabilities (PWD).

The project will establish and strengthen a robust case management system to ensure the efficient and effective provision of support services for survivors of GBV. Through case management, survivors will receive comprehensive assistance, including medical care, legal support, psychosocial counseling, and referrals to other essential services. Recognizing the significant psychological and emotional impact of different shocks, the project will prioritize the provision of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services. Qualified professionals will deliver counseling and psychosocial support interventions to survivors, helping them recover and rebuild their lives.

The expected result will be strengthened and responsive case management systems, ensuring timely and comprehensive support for GBV survivors and at-risk individuals. Improved mental health and psychosocial well- being of survivors through targeted MHPSS interventions, promoting healing, resilience, and improved quality of life. Increased community awareness and understanding of protection issues and GBV, resulting in changed attitudes, reduced tolerance for violence, and increased reporting of incidents. Enhanced capacity of case managers and relevant personnel in GBV response, enabling them to provide high-quality, survivor-centered support services.

The project will primarily benefit GBV survivors, individuals at risk of GBV, and vulnerable communities residing in Dawe Kachen, and Dawe Sarar Woredas of east Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia.





Project Progress