EHF/OCHA Funded Project #1

Project Title: – Emergency Comprehensive Agricultural Support: Revitalizing Drought-Affected Communities in West Imi Woreda

Start Date: – March 15, 2023

End Date: – December 14, 2023

Summary of the Project

The overall objective of this project is to prevent household asset depletion and protect against further livelihood deterioration caused by drought through comprehensive emergency agricultural interventions in West Imi woreda of Afder zone, Somali region Ethiopia. In addition to this contribution, it improves the quality of life in rural areas, ensuring enough food for present and future generations and generating sufficient income for farmers.

The project is supporting the livestock sector through emergency destocking of weak animals, restocking of a local variety of small ruminants, and through livestock vaccination support. The project also improves livestock health through the maintenance and refurnishing of veterinary posts, cattle crushes, gates and ramps. Continuous training is also undertaking for animal health experts to enhance the expertise of local professionals, ensuring the effective management of livestock health.

The project is supporting agro-pastoralist communities through the provision of agricultural inputs in terms of moisture stress resistance crops, fruits, vegetables, and fodder seeds, as well as small farm hand tools complemented by cash support for food and other relevant essential services. In addition to these initiatives, the project contributes to sustainable incomes for the beneficiaries by providing improved beehives with complete accessories, supporting the local beekeeping industry

Maintenance of damaged and nonfunctional irrigation canals will also be maintained, coupled with the provision of medium sized water pumps to youth groups to carry out irrigated farming. Additionally, access to water for livestock was improved through maintenance of damaged water schemes, installation of additional public water points and through maintenance and rehabilitation of cattle troughs will be done.

The cumulative anticipated results of the project will be strengthened community’s capacity to produce foods and increase their resilience to the recurrent droughts in 10 kebeles of the woreda. The project will be implemented in nine months targeting 1,500 HHs (8,500 individuals).