Partner Name:


Partnership for Pastoralist Development association (PAPDA)

Budget Year:


Partner Code:


Cost Centre/s:

Protection and Mixed solutions



Situation/s: (if applicable)


Project Title

GBV, Physical and psychological rehabilitation and peaceful co-existence project.

Project Start Date:

January 2022

Project Planned End Date:

December 2022

Total Project Budget:

  9,275,926.40 ETB



Impact Statement/s (with Impact Area):

Empowering Communities and achieving Gender Equality

Outcome Statement/s (with Outcome Area):

Ensured GBV prevention, risk mitigation and response PSEA and ensure community engagement and women empowerment.      

Output Statement/s:


Support with CRI for persons with specific needs (PSNs) provided by UNHCR;

No. Beneficiaries supported

2151 HH (10,755 individuals)

By 2022 the protection needs of 34,564 (18,647 Female)IDP and 6,913 (3526 Female)  host communities  will be addressed and promoted through the intervention of SGBV prevention, mitigation and response programmes, provision of basic and essential as well as special services to persons with specific needs and implementing programmes that improves the safety and security and /or improve the peaceful co-existence of the target community using a Community-Based Protection approaches including AGD, right based and Community-Based approaches.