UNFPA Micro Assessment at PAPDA: Building Strengths, Enhancing Capacity

On May 9, 2024, UNFPA conducted a partner micro assessment...

Building Strengths, Enhancing Capacity: PAPDA’s Partner Capacity Assessment with IRC

On April 24, 2024, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) conducted a comprehensive Partner Capacity Assessment (PCA) at the PAPDA head office...

Enhancing Data Security and Mitigating Risks: A Recap of PAPDA’s Capacity-Building Training

PAPAD recently conducted a capacity-building training session aimed at enhancing data security and mitigating risks.

PAPDA Hosts Transitional Justice Consortium Meeting: Welcoming a New Member

PAPDA hosted the Transitional Justice Consortium's second meeting on March 28th, 2024.

PAPDA’s Board of Directors Meeting: Reflecting on Success, Planning for the Future

On March 28th, 2024, PAPADA held a Board of Directors Meeting

Welcoming new IRC Country Director Mr. Paolo Cernuschi: A Step Forward in Project Progress

March 14 marked a significant milestone for our team at PAPDA as we welcomed Mr.Paolo Cernuschi, the new IRC Country Director, to our midst. As our donor, IRC plays a crucial role in supporting our projects and initiatives...

Celebrating March 8 – International Women’s Day with PAPDA and Bread for the World (PADD)

At PAPDA, we believe in the power of storytelling and community to celebrate and uplift women. This International Women's Day, we were honored to celebrate alongside our partner organization, PADD

Welcome event for our 4 new staff members

Papda held a welcome event for our new staff members on February 21, 2024

UNFPA South: Update 2

Two women and girls-friendly spaces (WGFS) were established and made operational in karat and segen zuriya woredas of konso zone. In addition one tent WGFS service point where established to access IDPs

Empowering Guradamole: Reflecting on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Launching Start Date October 1, 2022 2 Outputs The project aims to contribute to UNFPA country program output Nos. 3 and 5. 3 Beneficiaries 39,269 Ended End Date December 31, 2023 2 Output No. 3 Strengthen the capacity of government