Navigating Administrative and Program Costs: A Training Session for PAPDA Staff

Date: November 8, 2023 Location: PAPDA Headquarters PAPDA successfully conducted an exclusive training session for its staff, particularly for finance and procurement, at the headquarters on November 8, 2023, focusing on navigating administrative and program costs in compliance with CSO

CSO Week -2023

CSO Week, a prominent annual event dedicated to showcasing the efforts and contributions of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), took place from 7th to 9th June at Ghion Hotel. This year’s theme, “Proactive CSOs for Sustainable Peace, Human Rights, and Good

Celebration of March 8, international women days , 2023 at karat and Segen Zuriya woredas of Konso Zone

Celebration of March 8, international womens day 2023 at SNNP karat and Segen Zuriya woredas of Konso Zonein line with UNFPA project GBV prevention, Risk mitigation and response for communities affected by conflict in Konso zone, karat and Segen Zuriya

Celebration of March 8 on segen woreda LULTU IDP site With internally displaced persons

16th days of activism in Konso zone , UNFPA project

16 Days of Activism in Konso Zone, UNFPA Project