Highlighting Success and Collaboration: A Recap of the UNFPA and PAPDA Audit Journey


A Journey of Transparency and Accountability Begins


On April 1, 2024, key stakeholders gathered at the PAPDA office to mark an important milestone in our journey toward transparency and accountability. The entrance meeting brought together finance and program teams from UNFPA, alongside the sharp minds of senior and assistant auditors from BDO LLP, as well as PAPDA’s top management and esteemed consultants. Mrs. Munira,PAPDAs Emergency Program Coordinator, kicked off the session with a compelling overview of the project, celebrating its successes, confronting its challenges, and extracting valuable lessons.


This meeting not only set the tone for a rigorous audit process but also celebrated our collective commitment to meticulous financial stewardship.


Insightful Conclusions at the Exit Meeting

Just a day later, the curtains drew on this intensive audit with an exit meeting held at PAPDA’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

This crucial gathering included prominent figures such as Molla Berhane from UNFPA’s Senior Finance, and Ouassim Medjdoub (Audit Senior) alongside Elsabeth Seifu(Audit Assistance) from BDO LLP. PAPDA’s own leadership, including Abdulkadir Mah (chief Executive director) and Yohannes Aklog (Finance consultant) contributed rich insights alongside their colleagues Miera Gararo and Heran Getachew, with Kumela Hirpa and Mohamed Yusuf enriching the discussions with their expertise in program management and planning.

The agenda delved deep into the provisional audit findings, setting the stage for robust discussions on documentation, reporting, and other critical issues moving forward. The atmosphere was charged with a spirit of collaboration, as both organizations reiterated their dedication to transparent and accountable practices.


Key Outcomes and Future Directions

The exit meeting was not just a forum for discussing findings but also a platform for setting future paths. The audit revealed the crucial need for a structured shared cost policy and highlighted the significance of enhancing insurance policies for certain assets. 

The audit team concluded their review with an unmodified (clean) opinion, a testament to the sound financial management and cooperation displayed by the PAPDA finance and program teams throughout the process.

As we reflect on these pivotal meetings, it's clear that they were more than procedural checkpoints. They were a reaffirmation of our ongoing commitment to not only uphold but also elevate standards of transparency and accountability. The path forward is one of continued cooperation, improved practices, and mutual growth—a true testament to the power of partnership in achieving sustainable development goals.