Start Date
July 15, 2023
End Date
January 14, 2024
To enhance the well-being and health conditions of vulnerable populations through clean water, sanitation, and hygiene services while addressing malnutrition and health-related issues.
Enhance clean water, sanitation, and hygiene services for 6,600 individuals, strengthening protection against waterborne diseases, Improve the nutritional well-being of 2,111 children under five years old and 1,472 pregnant and lactating women, reducing morbidity and mortality linked to malnutrition, and enhance the health conditions of 3,200 individuals, including 1,472 females, reducing morbidity and mortality related to health issues.

Breaking News: PAPDA’s Humanitarian Mission Begins in Somali Region, Ethiopia

We’re excited to announce the launch of our vital project, “Integrated Multi-Sector Emergency Response,” in the Bokolmayo and Filtu Woredas of Liben Zone, Somali Region, and Ethiopia.

Project Launch Highlights: Our launch event on July 24, 2023, brought together government officials, community representatives, and project stakeholders. We presented the project’s objectives, sectors, and expected outcomes to ensure everyone is aligned with our mission. 

Location: The zonal-level launch took place on July 24, 2023, at the Filtu TVET college meeting hall in Filtu town, the administrative seat of the Liban zone.


Noteworthy Turnout: We were honored to have 25 participants present, including representatives from
relevant woreda and zonal government offices, as well as community delegates.
Among them were:

Ø  11 participants from woreda administration, health, DRM, water, and women’s
affairs offices.

Ø  6 dedicated individuals from various relevant sector offices in the zonal
administration, including health, water, and DRM offices.

Ø  8 community representatives who truly make a difference.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page:  Our workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the project, covering its scope, objectives, sectoral expected outcomes, target beneficiaries, and the essential role of stakeholders. We wanted to ensure that every participant was well-acquainted with the project’s purpose and its various components.

Interactive Engagement: Our workshop was far from a one-way street. We engaged in presentations, in-depth discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and active participant involvement. This dynamic approach enhanced clarity, mutual understanding, and a shared vision and commitment among all participants.

Detailed Insights: The presentation delved into the project’s ultimate goal, specific activities planned, target beneficiaries, and expected results. It also emphasized the collaborative efforts required from project stakeholders for successful implementation.

With unwavering support from our partners, the dedication of our team, and the involvement of our community delegates, we are charting a path of positive change in Somali Region. Together, we believe in creating a lasting impact for the most affected communities.

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