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  • A total of 27,066 communities, including women and girls, have been educated and made aware of GBV/PSEA and SRH messages
  • Community sensitization through community conversation and dissemination of GBV and PSEA messages, including celebration of international days
    • Celebration of The 16 days of Activism campaign Nov ,16 2022 and 2023
    • March 8 ,celebration of international women’s day in Segen woreda,Lultu IDP site 

Key Messages:

The community has been educated on important facts about gender-based violence, highlighting that it is a clear violation of human rights and, most importantly, that the victim is not at fault. Survivors should have the right to information and support services, and the educational outreach emphasizes the preventive steps that can be performed.

Awareness-Raising Initiatives:

Various awareness-raising sessions were employed to disseminate GBV message including Awareness-raising campaigns, community sensitization programs and community conversations. Thise sessions are essential in preventing gender-based violence and educate in the targeted areas. To effectively convey these messages, our dedicated outreach workers played a vital role, utilizing megaphones to extend the reach of our messages. By engaging the community through these dynamic methods, we aimed to enhance awareness of GBV and its profound impact

Impact on Service Improvement:

Our efforts extend beyond awareness-building; they are strategically designed to enhance the services available to survivors. By increasing awareness within the community, we empower outreach workers to provide more effective GBV response services. This, in turn, contributes to creating a more compassionate and supportive network for survivors seeking assistance.

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