Bokolmayo Integrated Livelihood Development Project, Phase I

Donor:Protestant Agency for Diakonia and Development (PADD)

Project objectives

The livelihood of the pastoralist communities in the Bokolmayo district is improved.

Project Beneficiaries

The Project intends to use a community-based, demand-driven approach to improve access to water and livelihood development facilities. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 15,107 (7,471 Female) communities in the 7 village (kebeles). The beneficiary’s selection criteria will be based on the criteria set jointly by the community and the local government administration.

The project’s indirect beneficiaries are over 24,316 (11,739female) people. They will benefit from the awareness creation activities and access to basic social infrastructures.  Besides, district administration leaders and local government office staff are intermediary beneficiaries of the project by gaining knowledge and skills in capacity-building activities.

Major project activities and outputs

  1. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); 6,282 persons (2,961 female)
  • Access to potable water sources; total beneficiaries are, 6,282 persons (2, 961 female)
  1. Alternative Livelihoods improvement (Livelihood development); 1,045 persons (632 female).
  • Income generating activities; 600 persons (570 female)
  • Vegetable production along river banks; 195 persons (62 female).
  • Improving of livestock production and productivity; 250 persons (100 female)
  1. Health and project monitoring. 7,780 persons(3,878 female).
  2. Prevention on GBV, HIV/AIDs COVID-19 and peaceful coexistence; 7,720 persons (3,860 female).
  3. Capacity Building and Assessment; 60persons(18female)

Project Details

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