CSO Week, a prominent annual event dedicated to showcasing the efforts and contributions of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), took place from 7th to 9th June at Ghion Hotel. This year’s theme, “Proactive CSOs for Sustainable Peace, Human Rights, and Good Governance,” emphasized the crucial role CSOs play in fostering positive change and advancing society. PAPDA participated on this event and engaged different stakeholders. 

As part of the activity, PAPDA utilized the distribution of branding items to create a lasting impression and promote its vision and mission and overall activities. PAPDA furthermore showcased its commitment to creativity and innovation by showing its development, humanitarian and relief interventions.

This helped generate curiosity and initiated conversations, allowing representatives to engage with individuals and explain more about PAPDA. Lastly, the distribution of branded items also contributed to building a sense of community among supporters and volunteers, fostering a shared commitment to PAPDA’s mission and vision.

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