Project Title: – Assessing Conflict-Affected Communities’ Perceptions and Attitudes about Peace and Justice in Ethiopia

Start Date: – February 20, 2023

End Date: – December 31, 2023

Update No: 2- Training for Supervisors and Enumerators 

PAPDA effectively coordinated and carried out a two-day training session for 17 (16 men and 1 woman) supervisors and 111 (74 men and 37 women) enumerators. The training was conducted from May 10 to May 29, encompassing 10 regions and 2 administrative cities. The training was provided by the focal points and supported by the co-investigator and PAPDA team. The training content includes the roles of project supervisors and enumerators, research background, goals, relevance, the data collection process, and questionnaire testing.  


Finally, PAPDA has prepared a contract signed by 12 focal points, 111 enumerators, and 17 supervisors. Additionally, prepared the support letter and distributed it to the enumerators, which enabled them to begin data collection at the designated enumeration sites.

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