Start Date
October 1, 2022
The project aims to contribute to UNFPA country program output Nos. 3 and 5.
End Date
December 31, 2023
Output No. 3
Strengthen the capacity of government and key stakeholders on the prevention and protection of GBV, provide services to survivors of GBV, and eliminate harmful practices in all settings.
Output No. 5
National and regional service delivery systems have strengthened their capacity to provide lifesaving sexual and reproductive health and gender-based Violence information and services for populations affected by the Crisis.

Update No:6

Surveying the demand and availability of GBV-IE and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Somali Region of Gorobekeksa ,Guradamole and kersadula woredas.

PAPDA has surveyed the demand and availability of GBV -ie and SRH services in Somali region ,liben zone  Guradamole ,Gorobekesa and kersadula woredas.

Gender-based violence standard operating procedure (GBV-SOP)

Gender-based violence standard operating procedure (GBV-SOP) has been revised and contextualized in the Somali language to enhance the appropriateness, effectiveness, and acceptance of GBV interventions by tailoring them to the specific social, cultural, and legal context of the region in question.

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