Project Title: – Emergency Response to draught and conflict affected vulnerable communities in Gura Dhamole, Kersa Dulla and Deka Suftu of Liban zone, Somali Regional State.

Location: Gura Dhamole, Kersa Dulla and Deka Suftu of Liban zone, Somali Regional State

Start Date: – December 15, 2022 

End Date: – June 14, 2023 

Objective: Contribute to improving access to nutritious food, water, health, and other essential needs; reduce the risk of malnutrition in targeted regions/woredas.

Beneficiaries: 16,108 (9,665 House Holds, 6,443 Internally Displaced People (IDPs), female = 8,216, male = 7,892; People With Disabilities  (PWD) = 252 (126 males and 126 females)

Update No: 3


Capacity-building training for health professionals in the target woredas on integrated Management of acute malnutrition (IMAM)

The trainings were conducted from January 7–13, 2023, in Guradamole woreda and from January 11–17, 2023, in Dekasuftu woreda. The main goal was to empower health workers with skills for early identification, referral, and intervention to prevent acute malnutrition. Topics covered included stabilization care, outpatient therapeutic care, supplementary feeding, and community mobilization.

The training resulted in an enhanced technical capacity of health workers in various areas.

Nutrition screening for children under 5 and 3,240 PLWs (pregnant and Lactating Women) in Guradamole, Kersadula and Dhekasuftu Woredas and Refer/Link in three Woredas

Nutrition screening was conducted for 24,449 clients. Among these clients, 15,693 were under-five children, and 8,756 were PLW. This activity was carried out in close collaboration with the health experts from the respective woredas. 3,940 children aged 6–59 months and 3,271 PLW with MAM (moderate Acute malnutrition) were linked to TSFP (Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program) in all project woredas.

Provide food for mothers/caretakers of children in stabilization and inpatient centers

In three Woredas, 595 mothers/caregivers received food benefits. To aid inpatient treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) at stabilization centers (SC), food provisions were given to mothers/caregivers at health centers in Kersa-dulla, Deka Suftu, and Guradhamole Woredas. Specifically, beneficiaries were from Huriyo and Baliad Health Centers in Kersa-dulla, Deka and Haya Suftu Health Centers in Deka Suftu, and Guradhamole Health Center in Guradhamole.

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