The completion of Hargadeb Water supply project, located in Gorobekaksa Woreda, Liban Zone of Somali Region, Ethiopia, funded by MISEREOR (PALSUP; 136-013-1005) was colorfully inaugurated on the 23rd of November 2021 in the presence of user communities, youths, women & government representatives, clan, and religious leaders. A total of 1,200 people (30% female) participated on the inauguration ceremony. Major activities done during the ceremony were; visiting the well (Solar site), reservoir, Baliad & Hurufo sub kebele water delivery points, blessing with Qur’an, speech by elders, PAPDA, water bureau, woreda administer, and finally the official opening of the scheme. The project was intended to benefit the entire population of Hargadeb Kebele with its sub kebeles of Baliad and Hurufo and their livestock.

Project Information


The source of the project is borehole drilled at Hadjedo village (DD, 6.22431, 41.04852, Elev. 836) which is located 17km from Hargadeb towards the west direction. The power supply is 68 pieces of 320W multi-crystalline solar module 24v with submersible Grunfos pump with 11.5 KW capable of pumping 9m3 per hour with a total pressure head of 300m.


The capacity of the reservoir constructed for Hargdabe water supply project is 75m3. The reservoir is made of concrete steel bar reinforced sandwich with 20cm thick masonry wall both from inner side and outer side with the center 10cm in thickness filled with concrete. The reservoir is located at Baliad village at coordination of DD (6.25287, 41.09305) and elevation of 1,015m at inlet point.

Pressure line

The first 114m of the pressure pipe is laid with 3-inch Galvanized Iron (GI) pipe, starting from the borehole. This is the area where the maximum pressure is exerted. Next to the GI pipes, a 1,000m long High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe of outside diameter (OD110mm), Pressure Nominal (PN 25bar) is laid. The remaining 5,000m is laid with an HDPE Pipe of (OD110mm), (PN20bar). The pipelines are joined by using
butt fusion technology. Distribution line The distribution line is an HDPE pipe of (OD75mm) with (PN16 bar). The total length of the supply pipe laid is 9,000m. The supply line is also joined by butt fusion technology. The final destination of the pipe is at
Hargadeb village, but on the route, we have to establish two water points for, Baliad and Hurufo sub kebeles.



Three water points were constructed; one at Baliad another at Hurufo and the final at Hargadeb. Baliad (DD, 6.25323, 41.09755; Elev. 1003m) and Hurufo (DD, 6.26469, 41.14048; Elev. 941), the water points contain four taps each. The water points at Hargadeb (DD, 6.27980, 41.15949, Elve. 919) are the ones with 8 taps. In addition, one tap using 1.5 inch GI was erected for donkey-mounted carts carrying water containers.

Cattle trough

One cattle trough is constructed at Hargadeb village. The size of the trough is 12m long and 1m wide. It is made of concrete (steel bar); with masonry pavement around the trough.